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How to use Photoshop effectively in web designing

Photoshop program is developed by adobe,which is very popular for photo editing and graphic designing.But it is most well known for website designing. Although it is not possible to code with Photoshop,but still this software can play an instrumental role in designing websites and for making sure that they are functional.So we are going to list applications of Photoshop which will assist in web designing.


One of the most challenging tasks for new web designers is to construct different elements and making them jell together in an attractive and sensible way. Instead of creating these elements one by one,Photoshop can be employed to make full prototypes of a website.Elements can be fetched and added to a coded website at that point.Making it ideal for designers and bloggers.


The importance of typography in web designing cannot be understated.It is very crucial that the fonts should match the imagery and colors of a particular website,from a designing perspective.Photoshop provides whole range of different kinds of fonts to suit your taste and the design of your website,which you can sample in the matter of few seconds.

Grid Design

Grids help the designers in determining the alignment and to make sure that they will look correct and precise once they are transferred to a real website.
Web and blog designers who are using Photoshop for designing their site would need to acquaint themselves with the use of grid.Photoshop has a built in grid and you can download and import hundreds of other grids.

Transferring to HTML

This is especially applicable to those who create full prototypes in Photoshop.Even creating just one element for a page will require this.Basically,  you would have to save elements in a web optimized format.Essentially,this will be a high quality JPEG.Just use the “Save for Web” function to make sure that your images maintain their quality.

Photoshop is not just limited to the features that we have mentioned above,In fact Photoshop has unlimited uses for web designing.Also it can be used to create  header for a blog.The flexibility and multi functioning of Photoshop are the key point in Photoshop for designers.

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  1. What I was saying is that these tips are not photoshop specific and dont really relate to photoshop, you can do this in Illustrator as well, plus Illustrator would be better in terms of grids, prototyping and font control.

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