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Some Good Downloadable Books for Web Designing

These are some of the new books that we have discovered that will benefit the budding web designer.

Designing for the web

Author:Mark Boulton
About the Book:This great book will teach you techniques using the principle of graphic designing,it is a practical guide to any designer.
It is divided in five sections,each section covering fundamental aspects of graphic designing:Getting Started, Research, Typography, Color, and Layout.By using this book you can learn the theory behind graphic designing you can use this knowledge to improve your designing skills.

Take your talent to the web

Author:Jeffrey Zeldman
About the book :The book was published in 2001 for the first time for print designers,whose clients wants website,print art directors who would like to move into web and interaction design,homepage creators who wants to become professionals,and even professionals who wants to further improve their web skills and understanding.Although it has bit of 2001 vibe about it but it is still very helpful.

Dive into HTML5

Author:Mark pilgrim

About the book: Dive into HTML 5 is an ongoing book that looks to elaborate on a hand picked selection of features and options from the HTML 5 specification and other standards.Its final manuscript will be published on paper by O’Reilly,under the Google press imprint.

jQuery Fundamentals

Author: Rebecca Murphey

About the Book:This book provides an overview of the jQuery javaScript library,once you are done reading this book,you should be able to complete basic tasks using jQuery,and will have have solid foundation from which to continue on learning.This book was designed with a classroom in mind,but you may find it useful for informal study as well.

Data structure and Alogrithms

Author: Granville Barnett and Luca Del Tongo

About the Book:In simple words this book is the result of email correspondence between the two authors during the development of a library for the .NET framework o the same name.It all started with this question ”Why don’t we create a more aesthetically pleasing way to present our pseudocode?”After a few days this new presentation style had in fact grown into pseudocode listing with chunks of text elaborating on how the data structure or alogrithum in question works and various other things about it,this is the time they decided to include all this in a book.

The Web Book

Author: Robert Schifreen

About the Book:This is a great book for anyone who wants to create his own website, this book tell you how you can create a website form a scratch .It includes all the detail from registering a domain name and renting some hosting space to creating your first HTML page,to building your online database applications with PHP and MySQL.It also give information about marketing and promoting your site so you can make a buck out of it.

Building Accessible websites

Is a good book as well.

Design your imagination

Author: WebGuru India.

About the Book:This a very useful book for anyone who is interested in web designing,this book is basically designed for beginner but still it has nuggets of information that might come in handy for even experiences we designers.This book is divided into 28 chapters,in each chapter a specific topic is discussed with illustrations.

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