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Four long-lasting TRENDS of WEB Design

A trend usually requires a long period of time to have effect and it stays in the business for a long time before it dies away. Same applies to web designing they remain in command for a long time and nothing could outdo them in that span of time.IN the world of web designing, you have to be on your feet all the time, if you only go by current designing trends then your success will not last very long.But if you use your brain and come up with good web designs then you will succeed in your endeavors  So here we take closer look at good lasting trends in web designing.

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1. Go for simplicity and humbleness


It is a very basic and simple trend to follow, which will give your website a good pleasant look. This look could be achieved with hand drawn or handwritten material, light colors, delightful typography and fine texture. Such visual cues relate to the relaxed and comfortable environment, which makes your website look more appealing. This trend is very simple and economical and suitable for service industry.


2. Improve considerably with typography


There are no limitation of typefaces for the web designers since web font foundries allow a large number of fonts to drastically enhance their web design with attractive typography. Designers are giving more attention to typography these days. Rich typography will provide benefits to every site, since it makes website visually appealing for the visitors. Many web fonts are available for free, while some have associated cost. You have to use different styles of fonts for headlines and body text to get a sleek look.

3.Use bold and Large Headlines



In the web design arena, it is a new phenomena to use bold and large headlines. The individuals and  corporations are using this approach in the web design to engage the users and gain their interest. If you are making some offer then it is very appropriate to use large headlines to create an impact. For headlines you should use oversize and bold fonts to attract the readers. It is a very good practice to use bold headlines.

4. Create a design grid of solid block trend




This trend introduces a design grid featuring blocks of text and photos with solid colors. It will not distract the users; rather it will provide quick overview of your website contents. You can use this approach for a variety of web designing projects including personal portfolios, social networks and corporate websites. The text and image block contrast with solid colors blocks embellish your website and allures users to explore it further.

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